We design high-quality UAV payload systems and more.

Client focused

We efficiently will take care of your needs and follow up on your use of MERIO products. By choosing MERIO, you will benefit of a reactive, and dedicated customer support.

Innovation, Technology and Design

MERIO offers you the best in class technologies for your UAV application products. With strong experience and knowledge in UAV field, we will always have an innovative and competitive solution according to your needs.

Custom solution

MERIO provide standard products and, based on your scope of work,  tailored solutions to reach your expectations. Our engineering team develops specific solutions based on our mechanical, electronic and software expertise.

We develop standard products and imagine your custom payoad.


MERIO design, built and test your electronic solutions, with strong knowledge in : – motor control / motion control – sensors implementations – data buses communication – FPGA / microprocessors


According to your payload, camera, sensors…We design and manufacture mechanicals part with actuators and all needed electronic intergration for your manned / unmanned vehicule.


MERIO design hardware, and also software, for system control and communications. We design embedded software for stand-alone applications based on a proprietary Real Time Operating System. With the use of 300Mhz floating point unit Digital Signal Processor, we can easily implement high efficiency numerical filter (Extended Kalman filter for navigation, butterwoth filter, recursive least mean square estimation…).