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Temis is a new range of gyrostabilised gimbal of less than 750 gr customizable from 1 to 3 sensors. Embarking the sensors and the most successful software, gimbal TEMIS will allow you to bring to a successful conclusion your missions of surveillance on every ground, air or maritime carriers. 

Technical datas – PDF
Technical datas


Physical Weight : < 750 gr • Height : 170 mm • Min diameter : 85 mm (main body) • Max diameter : 114 mm
Power 8V to 36V, veille : 5W, idle 10W, max 20W Reverse polarity protection
Communication RS232, RS485, Sbus
Sensors Configuration of the customizable sensors
Protection Degré de protection à l’humidité plus élevé
Video outputs Daylight : NTSC ou PAL
Infrared : NTSC or PAL
Mixed NTSC or PAL, Daylight or Infrared video on the same output.
Features & accessories Geo-tracking, géo-localisation…
Inner IMU for stabilization and artificial horizon computation. Black box recording for post flight vibrations analyses and optimization (800 Hz sampling rate). High torque direct drive technology. Stabilization better than <150 μrad.Dampers, suitcase, data connection….
Informations Product description published on May, 2016

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